Quality hand carved sticks
by the 'subordinate sod' 
If you wish to enquire about a commission or alternate style please email the club and we will forward your enquiry. 

Emile Santoro is a long time falconer living on the beautiful Isle of Arran.  Emile has been a staunch supporter of the Scottish Hawking Club and has donated these wonderful hand carved sticks for the club raffle. 


 £5.00 for 5 tickets

 This prize draw will continue during the summer of 2013 and will be drawn at the clubs AGM in November.  Tickets are £5.00 for 5 tickets and can be obtained from the club or its committee members, at Scone Palace game fair and the CLA game fair.  

 It is also possible to buy tickets online via   please visit 


 Please send £5.00 or multiples to raffle@scottishhawkingclub.co.uk  

On PayPal send money to friends to not incur charges.  

Upon our notification, details of your tickets will be sent to you.


 1st ticket drawn will have choice of the 3 sticks
2nd ticket drawn will have choice of the remaining 2 sticks
3rd ticket drawn will have the 3rd stick